Poem Essay Structure

Cecile Bullman
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GCSE English Mind Map on Poem Essay Structure, created by Cecile Bullman on 03/25/2014.

Cecile Bullman
Created by Cecile Bullman over 5 years ago
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Poem Essay Structure
1 Introduction
1.1 Name of the Poem/Novel
1.2 Key words of the question
1.3 Quick Comparison of the Poem/Novel
1.4 Quotations from each that show...
2 Theme
2.1 Is there a similarity in the themes?
2.1.1 Prove it!
2.2 Quotations
2.3 P-E-E-D
3 Imagery & Vocabulary
3.1 Opening sentence that shows they use these techniques
3.2 Explain how the Imagery & Vocabulary link to the question
4 Structure & Rhyme
4.1 How does the poet construct the poem?
4.2 Any interesting structures
5 Conclusion
5.1 "I"
5.2 Summarise your essay
5.3 Personal response
5.4 Try to bring in another Poem/Novel
5.4.1 (If they relate to the Question)

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