light-dependent reactions

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light-dependent reactions
1 light-independent reactions
1.1 happens inside stroma space in chloroplast
1.1.1 ATP, NADPH, and Carbon Dioxide go in sugar, ADP/NADP+ comes out energy is used from the light-dependent reaction to make sugar/food for the plan
2 happens in thylakoid membrane of the chloroplast
2.1 water and sunlight go inside
2.1.1 oxygen, ATP, and NADPH comes out energy is needed to fuel the light independent reactions
3 Cellular Respiration
3.1 Stage 1 Glycolysis
3.1.1 happens in Cytoplasm sugar/glucose broken in half no oxygen needed created 2 molecules of Pyruvate (3 carbons)
3.2 Stage 2 Krebs Cycle
3.2.1 happens in Mitochondria breaks the pyruvate molecules down further oxygen is needed in this step 2 ATP, 2 NADPH, 2 FADH2
3.3 Stage 3 Electron Transport Chain
3.3.1 happens in membrane of the Mitochondria Energy from the other is used to power proton pump. The protons are then used to power ATP synthase to make 34 ATP. requires oxygen
3.3.2 the interpart of the Mitochondria is called the matrix the folds are called Cristae
3.4 Fermentation
3.4.1 Lactic acid saurkraut, humans, yogurt
3.4.2 Alcoholic Bread, beer, ethanol
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