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mexico's education system

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  1. Tertiary level, the gross enrolment of university students has increased from 15% in 1991 to 31% in 2016
    1. structure of the education system Starts with Primary, continues to junior secondary and then senior secondary. pupils can then take exams to enter university. formal education starts from 6 years old.
      1. They do not have n early years sector, ie Nursery
        1. 97 percent of students failed to reach a minimum level of English proficiency in middle school, and 79 percent of students had what the organization calls “absolute ignorance” of the language.
          1. 84 percent of our community centers have "ludotecas," or playrooms, where young children can develop their creative thinking skills through play
            1. within the curriculum, students study geography to help them become global citizens
              1. current issues - Mexico suffer from economic inequalities. 40% of their population is suffering from poverty ( 50 million people).
                1. On the PISA report Mexico are ranked bottom at number 34
                  1. ongoing conflict between teachers and the government
                    1. Government allowing anyone with a degree to be a teacher-what if the degree is not in childcare? no knowledge
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