Biology 1.1

Naomi Moylan-Torke
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GCSE GCSE Biology Mind Map on Biology 1.1, created by Naomi Moylan-Torke on 03/25/2014.

Naomi Moylan-Torke
Created by Naomi Moylan-Torke over 5 years ago
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Biology 1.1
1 Semmelweis cut labour deaths by using ANTISEPTICS
2 Semmelweis cut death rate from 12% to 2%
3 MRSA is a resistant strain to antibiotics - it isn't killed by antibiotics
4 Bacteria:
4.1 can mutate to new strains
4.2 new strains could be antibiotic-resistant so current treatments wouldn't be able to clear an infection which could lead to death
4.3 new strain could have been never encountered before so no-one would be have been immunised
4.4 strain could reproduce rapidly that could cause an epidemic
5 Viruses
5.1 tend to mutate: hard to develop vaccines against them
5.1.1 changes in their DNA lead to them having different antigens, so the body doesn't know the correct antibody to produce
5.2 if a virus evolved quickly, it would be very problematic if both very deadly and infectious FLU viruses evolve quickly, so this is possible
5.3 precautions could take place to stop virus spreading. planes cause the spread to spread all over the world
5.3.1 vaccines+antiviral drugs could be developed, but these take time to develop
5.4 worst-case scenario: pandemic

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