Romeo and Juliet: Act 3, Scene 1

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Romeo and Juliet: Act 3, Scene 1
1 Characters
1.1 Mercutio
1.1.1 Dislikes Tybalt. Mocks him "Good king of cats"
1.1.2 Wants to fight Disapproves of Romeo's unwillingness to fight.
1.2 Benvolio
1.2.1 Tries to avoid fighting with the Capulets
1.3 Tybalt
1.3.1 Looks for Romeo because he gatecrashed ball in Act 1: scene 5 Calls it "injuries"
1.4 Romeo
1.4.1 He is at peace with the Capulets as he is now married to juliet
1.5 Lady Capulet
1.6 Prince
2 Events
2.1 Tybalt looks out Romeo to challenge him to a duel
2.2 Tybalt fights Mercutio and kills him
2.3 /his death causes Romeo to become angry and kills Tybalt
2.4 Prince Banishes Romeo
3 Outcomes
3.1 Romeo is banished which causes him to lose his dignity
3.2 Juliet has to marry Paris, the Prince's relative
3.3 Nurse betrays Juliet
3.4 Juliet looks to the Friar for help
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