Chapter 4: Sensation and Perception

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Chapter 4: Sensation and Perception
1 Sensation Vs. Perception
1.1 Sensation: the stimulation of a sense.
1.2 Perception: an awareness or view created by the mind as a result of sensory input.
2 Basic concepts
2.1 Threshold
2.1.1 Deff: the point (50%) where stimulus can be detected
2.1.2 Absolute Threshold: the absolute minimum amount of stimulus an organism can detect.
2.1.3 Just Noticeable Difference (JND): the smallest amount of change an organism can detect.
2.1.4 Weber's Law: the size of the JND is in proportion to the stimulus.
2.2 Signal-Detection Theory: involves both detection and sensory processesand are both influenced by a number of other factors.
2.3 Subliminal Perception: registration of sensory input without conscious awareness.
2.4 Sensory Adaption: the gradual decress in sensitivity due to prolonged exposure to a stimulus.
3 Vision and sight
3.1 Eye Diagram
3.2 The stimulus for sight is light.
3.3 The human eye only sees a small portion of the light spectrum known as visible light. (ROYGBIV= White Light)
3.4 Pathway of Light: Light-cornea-anterior chamber- pupil (through iris)-lens-anterior chamber- retina (rods and cones)- choride layer or to the Optic nerve- Occipital lobe.
3.5 Optic Chiasm: where the nerves in the eyes cross over.
3.7 Trichromatic theory: There are three types of receptors (Red, Green, Blue) that have different sensitivities and can detect any combination of colours using theses.
3.8 Colour blindness: occurs when a genetic deficiency effects the ability to tell colours appart.
4 Auditory and sound
4.2 sound waves are the stimulus for hearing.
4.3 Place theory: the perception of sound is related to the vibration in diffrent locations in the basiler membrane.
4.4 Frequency Theory: is the relation to the rate the basilar membrane vibrates at.
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