Five Characteristics of Groups

Laura McDaniel
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All groups, despite their distinctive characteristics, possess common properties and dynamics

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Laura McDaniel
Created by Laura McDaniel over 2 years ago
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Five Characteristics of Groups
1 Interaction
1.1 Groups create, organize, and sustain relationship and task interactions among members
2 Goals
2.1 Groups have instrumental purposes, for they facilitate the achievement of aims or outcomes sought by the members
3 Interdependence
3.1 Group members depend on one another, in that each member influences and is influenced by each other member
4 Structure
4.1 Groups are organized, with each individual connected to others in a pattern of relationships, rules, and norms
5 Cohesion
5.1 Groups unite members in a bonded network of interpersonal relations recognized by both members of the group and those outside of it

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