How did Hitler gain power?


A summary of some of thing which helped Hitler gain power
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How did Hitler gain power?
  1. Popular Ideas
    1. Hitler gave the people scape goats
      1. -The allies and the anger towards the treaty of Versaille where the German people felt humiliated
        1. Communism- to smash commnism as many people were frightened of the communist
          1. The november Criminals- (The stab in the back myth) the goverment that signed the Treat of versaille betrayed the germans
            1. The jews were to blame
            2. Promise of Employment and a better Germany
              1. Promoted family values
              2. Circumstance
                1. After the Munich Putsch had failed the trial gave Hitler publicity & made him change tactic about gaining power
                  1. Chancellor Brunning& Hindenburg did not have the support of the riechstag or the people.
                    1. Wall street Crash 1929 & economic depression
                      1. Hindinburgh was old
                      2. Paramilitary
                        1. The SA( stormtrooper or brownshirts) a popular organisation of ex-soldiers,they intimidated anyone who apossed Hitler.
                        2. Hitller as a Leader
                          1. Brilliant speaker
                            1. His charisma attracted people
                              1. Believed in control
                              2. Propaganda
                                1. Huge rallies which attracted large crowds
                                  1. Dr Joseff goebels talented chief of propaganda
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