Task analysis of fast food packaging (pizza box)


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Task analysis of fast food packaging (pizza box)
  1. Made of coragated card
    1. Absorbs the grease
      1. Keeps the food warm
      2. advertisments of products
        1. Temperature sensor
          1. Sustainable
            1. Environmental impact
              1. biodegradable
                1. recycled
                  1. made from recycled materials
                  2. Shape
                    1. Methods to join the folds together
                      1. net
                        1. no glue
                          1. interlocking joints
                          2. Hygiene
                            1. Access
                              1. logo
                                1. Legislation
                                  1. type of finish needed
                                    1. special features
                                      1. varnishing
                                        1. foil blocking
                                          1. spot varnishing
                                            1. embossing
                                              1. encopsulation
                                              2. how to keep the product warm
                                                1. USP
                                                  1. allergy advice
                                                    1. Method of maufacture
                                                      1. Batch production
                                                        1. Mass production
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