Alive and Robinson Crusoe

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Alive and Robinson Crusoe
1 Perseverance
1.1 Meaning
1.1.1 To keep going Achieve success
1.1.2 Not giving up No matter how difficult it is
2 Alive by Piers Pauls Read
2.1 Avalanche
2.1.1 Roy Faint vibration Sound of metal falling Only one to hear the avalanche Started to save others Fito, Canessa,Paez and Moncho were free and digging Burrowed for Carlitos Carltios could not free himself Would he live? Never wanted to survive alone Roy uncovered Canessa Appalled to see what has happened
2.1.2 29th October
2.1.3 8 survivors died
2.1.4 Survivors had to help the trapped with bare hands All wanted to help each other
2.1.5 Echavarren could not move
2.1.6 Nogueira seemed paralysed
2.2 Rugby Team heading to Chile from Uruguay
2.2.1 Crashed into the Andes mountains on Friday 13th October 1972 Survived for 72 days Rescued when Canessa and Parrado found civilisation 16 survivors Trecherous conditions -30oC temperatures Fri 13th superstitious 45 passengers 12 died in crash Lack of food and drink
3 Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe
3.1 Ship wreck into an Trinidad Island
3.2 survived on Island full of difficulties
3.3 Swam through waves to get to the Island
3.4 Robinson Crusoe
3.4.1 An Englishmen from York
3.4.2 Ambition to go to sea Father seen it dangerous Obeyed his father Went to London (by sea) Storm causes near death Trip from London was financially successful Second trip Ship seized by Moorish pirates Crusoe enslaved in North African town Sallee Fishing trip Crusoe broke free down the African Coast Portuguese captain picks him up Buys the slave boy from Crusoe Crusoe ends up in Brazil Sole survivor Seeks for food and shelter Returns to the ship twelve times salvage guns, powder, food and other items finds goats he can graze for meat and builds a shelter
3.5 Crusoe shipwrecked in Trinidad
3.5.1 September 1st 1659
3.5.2 June 1660 Falls ill Hallucinates Angel visits Drinking Tobacco-steeped rum Crusoe experiences a religious illumination God has delivered him from his earlier sins When Crusoe recovers, he makes a survey of the area and discovers he's on an Island Finds a pleasant valley abounding in grapes builds a shady retreat Crusoe becomes optimistic describes himself as it's "king" Trains a pet parrot and takes a goat as a pet Develops skills in basket weaving, bread making and pottery cuts down a cedar tree and builds a huge canoe from it's trunk can't move it to sea builds a smaller boat he rows around the island nearly perishes when swept away from a powerful current hears his parrot calling his name and is thankful for being saved once again Crusoe discovers a man's footprint on the beach At first he assumes the footprint is the devil's Must belong to one of the cannibals said to live in the island he arms himself and remains on the lookout Builds an underground cellar to herd his goats at night devises a way to cook undergrond
3.5.3 One evening hears gunshots ship wrecked on the coast it is empty when he aririves
3.5.4 the shore has been strewn with human carnage, the remains of a cannibal feast Crusoe catches sight of 30 cannibals heading for shore 1 of the victims is killed another waiting to be slaughtered Breaks free Crusoe protects him Killing 1 of the pursers and injuring the other the victim finally kills him the victim vows his gratitude the victim is named Friday the day he was saved becomes Crusoe's servant Cheerful and intelligent Crusoe teaches him English Friday teaches that cannibals are divided into distinct nations and only eat enemies The cannibals saved the men from the shipwreck He would rather die than lose Crusoe they both built a boat to visit the cannibals island before they can leave they are surprised by 21 cannibals in canoes the cannibals are holding 3 victims One being Friday's father Crusoe sends the Spaniard and Friday's father to check the land An English ship alerts Friday Crusoe is suspicious Friday and Crusoe watch as 11 men take 3 captives onshore in a boat 9 of the men explore the land leaving 2 to guard the captive 1 which is captain Friday and Crusoe kill most of the cannibals and release a Spaniard
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