Organic Molecules

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Organic Molecules
  1. Proteins
    1. Monomer: Amino Acid
      1. Polymer: Polypeptide Chain
        1. Twists and fold to make Proteins
        2. Examples: Enzymes, Antibodies, Blood, Collagen
          1. Composed of Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon, and Nitrogen
            1. Provides structural support, repair damage, transports materials, protects against intruders, and speeds up chemical reactions
              1. Essential for life
              2. Carbohydrates
                1. Major source of energy in cells
                  1. Monomer: Monosacchride
                    1. Polymer: Disacchride
                      1. Composed of Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen
                        1. Examples: Starch, Cellulose
                          1. 1:2:1 Ratio
                          2. Lipids
                            1. Monomers: Glycerol, Three Fatty Acids
                              1. Composed of Hydrogen, Carbon, and Oxygen
                                1. Polymer: Lipid
                                  1. Examples: Saturated and Unsaturated Fats
                                    1. Non- polar molecules that aren't soluble, store energy, and structure the cell membrane
                                    2. Nucleic Acids
                                      1. Monomer: Nucleotide
                                        1. Has 3 Subunits: Nitrogen Bases, Phosphates, and Deoxyribose Sugar
                                        2. Polymer: Nucleic Acids
                                          1. RNA & DNA
                                          2. Contains Genetic Info
                                            1. Composed of Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus
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