Nicole Renard

Maddie Shand
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Maddie Shand
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GCSE English (Heroes) Mind Map on Nicole Renard, created by Maddie Shand on 03/26/2014.

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Nicole Renard
1 Character
1.1 attractive
1.2 talented
1.3 likes reading
1.4 innocent
1.5 object of desire
1.6 mysterious
2 Innocence
2.1 beautiful
2.1.1 compared to St Therese
2.2 lost after the incident with Larry
2.2.1 attracted to her because of her grace and beautiful
2.3 brilliant dancer
2.4 knows that Larry is flirting with her and likes the attention
3 Francis
3.1 idolises her
3.2 blames him for the incident with Larrybecause he didn't save her
3.3 forgives him at the end of the novel
3.3.1 realises that he was young and there was nothing he could have done
4 Larry
4.1 she looks up to him and he abuses the trust she has in him
4.2 destroys her life
4.2.1 she shrinks back and refuses to leave the house
4.2.2 eventually leaves town
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