Larry LaSalle

Maddie Shand
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Maddie Shand
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GCSE English (Heroes) Mind Map on Larry LaSalle, created by Maddie Shand on 03/26/2014.

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Larry LaSalle
1 Character
1.1 attractive
1.2 charasmatic
1.3 mysterious
1.4 motivational
1.5 manipulative
1.6 brave
1.7 inspirational
2 Is he a hero?
2.1 not a hero
2.1.1 manipulative
2.1.2 takes advantage of the trust he has
2.1.3 rapes Nicole
2.1.4 doesn't feel any guilt
2.1.5 questionable motives
2.1.6 coward
2.1.7 unforgiveable sins
2.1.8 feels no remorse
2.2 hero
2.2.1 motivational
2.2.2 inspirational
2.2.3 bring out the best in people
2.2.4 war hero- silver star
2.2.5 kills himself which stops Francis from becoming a murderer
3 Mysterous
3.1 shady past
3.1.1 rumours
3.2 no one knows much about him before Frenchtown
3.2.1 faded photograph
3.3 discourages questions
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