Chemical and Physical reactions

Emma Boxley
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AQA IGCSE Chemistry (yr 8) Mind Map on Chemical and Physical reactions, created by Emma Boxley on 05/02/2013.

Emma Boxley
Created by Emma Boxley over 6 years ago
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Chemical and Physical reactions
1 Physical Reactions
1.1 The molecular structure stays the same
1.2 It is reversable
1.3 There is no new substance made
1.4 The mass stays the same
1.5 Same amount of particles
1.6 Same on a microscopic level
1.7 Examples of physical reactions
1.7.1 Water freezing
1.7.2 Condensation
1.7.3 Evaporation
1.7.4 Mixing salt into water
2 Chemical Reactions
2.1 Non-reversible
2.2 The molecular structure is altered
2.3 The apearance and and structure of the result is different from the substances you began with
2.4 Word equations
2.5 Examples
2.5.1 Bread being toasted
2.5.2 Phtosynthesis
2.5.3 Frying an egg
2.5.4 Rusting
2.5.5 Burning items

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