A Passage through Africa

Nikita Gyssler
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Nikita Gyssler
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English Mind Map on A Passage through Africa, created by Nikita Gyssler on 10/25/2016.

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A Passage through Africa
1 Themes
1.1 Emotive Experience
1.1.1 Pity
1.1.2 Disgust
1.1.3 Anger
2 Evokes the paths of Somalis
2.1 Isolated
2.2 Suffering
2.3 Powerlessnes
3 Recounting the impact the experience hand on him
3.1 Connection between the Alagiah and the villagers: UNITY
3.2 Re-evaluating and questioning his beliefs
4 Reveals how the news/ industry crew really works
4.1 Viewing people a subjects;"below them"
4.2 Trying to reveal how the crew had no empathy while taking pictures of the tragedies
5 Makes the reader question the difference between Somalis and others
5.1 Every one is the same - concept of unity explored
5.2 Somalis are not objects of pity: they are people too
5.3 Evoking a sense of guilt- people have been viewing Somalis as sub-human & undignified
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