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English GCSE
Created by English GCSE over 5 years ago
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In Paris With You - James Fenton - MindMap
1 Song
1.1 Its set out like a song with a refrain - "I'm in Paris with you" - this shows that he doesn't want to think about the past only the present
2 Half rhymes
2.1 The half rhyme of "Elysees" and "Sleazy" emphaseses the contrast - maybe between his two lovers
3 Colloquial Language
3.1 the use of normal language "downed a drink" makes a comic effect on the poetic theme of love in the poem - shows he thinks love is a joke
4 Teasing
4.1 the narrator of the poem is teasing the person he is with by making everything about her body rather than her feelings - emphasises this by saying "am I embaressing you?"
5 Rhymes
5.1 "wounded" and "maroonded" ephasises his pain - maroonded is a made up word - makes it seem like a joke
6 Metaphors
6.1 The hotel room is portayed as sleazy and falling apart "hotel walls are peeling" - metaphor for who he's with
6.1.1 he makes her seem worse by lisiting the bad things and saying "and I'm in paris with you"
7 Negative
7.1 overall there is a negative feeling to the poem - suggests he is really upset about his previous relationship
8 Sarcastic
8.1 "we" in italics suggests a sarcastic tone - the first mention of someone else isnt serious

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