Causes Of The Ending Of World War 1

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GCSE History (Germany) Mind Map on Causes Of The Ending Of World War 1, created by Olivia Brooklyn on 03/26/2014.

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Causes Of The Ending Of World War 1
1 America joined the war
1.1 Germany sunk an American passenger liner showing a public attack
1.2 Thought Germans were getting Mexico to attack America
2 Tactics changed
2.1 By 1918 both air, sea and land worked together and knew what they were doing
3 German offensive
3.1 German soldiers moved from east to west and pushed through as far as possible
4 Black day for German army
4.1 Allies pushed Germans back to Hindenburg line
5 Blockade
5.1 After battle of Jutland, German navy couldn't leave port as Britain could blockade their ports
5.2 Stopped supplies entering Germany
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