The Immune System

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AP biology immune system

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The Immune System
1 Innate
1.1 cellular defense
1.2 rapid response
1.3 physical & chemical barrier
1.4 leukocytes
1.4.1 immunity cell in the blood stream
1.5 2nd line: Internal Innate Response
1.5.1 Fever if the pathogens are overflowed, the fever will basically burn everything down so they can heel faster
1.5.2 Chemical Signal
1.5.3 Inflammation mast cells sends out histamines which creates redness and heat, and triggers signal for phagocytes
1.5.4 phagocytes Neutrophils self destruct after eating pathogen macrophages DOESN'T DIE natural killer cells can kill your own cell if become infected or cancerous
1.6 1st line: skin, hair, mucus
1.7 things we have
2 Disorder
2.1 Autoimmune Diseases
2.2 Immunodeficiency diseases
2.3 Stress in Immune Response
2.3.1 Hormones
2.4 Foreign Invaders
2.4.1 Mutant Cells
2.4.2 Pathogens Virus Fungi Protist Parasite Bacteria
2.4.3 Cellular Debris
2.4.4 Worn-Out Cells Cancer Tumor
2.5 Allergic
2.5.1 Increased Immoglobin
2.5.2 Mast cells Secrete Histamine Vasodilation Symptoms Fever Coughing Sneezing
3 Immunity
3.1 Natural Immunity
3.1.1 Passive Passed on from someone Antibodies
3.1.2 Active only you Memory cell
3.2 Artificial Immunity
3.2.1 Passive stimulate the production of antibodies
3.2.2 Active
4 Adaptive
4.2 humoral response
4.2.1 B lymphocytes memory cell plasma cell antibodies to prevent virus movement neutralisation to viruses agglutination: bonds multiple viruses together vaccine introduce weak pathogens to your body acquired immunity babies get from their mom temporary protection transplant antibodies
4.2.2 helper T cell HIV major attack
4.3 slow response
4.4 cell mediated response
4.4.1 T lymphocytes killer T cell
4.5 lymphocytes
4.5.1 immunity cell in the lymphatic system
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