MEDC Rural

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Rural Areas of an MEDC country

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MEDC Rural
1 Farming Types
1.1 What is grown
1.1.1 Mixed Grow crops + rear animals
1.1.2 Pastoral Farms rear animals
1.1.3 Arable Farms grow crops barley, wheat and suagr
1.2 What we get out of them
1.2.1 Commercial Produces food for themselves
1.2.2 Subsitence Produces food for business only
1.3 What we put into them
1.3.1 Intensive Intensive farming is when farms use lots of money, machines and technology
1.3.2 Extensive


  • Similar inputs and bigger area of land Similar inputs and bigger area of land
2 Market Town
2.1 Farmers that require equipment
2.1.1 Fertilisers
2.1.2 Machinery
2.1.3 Seeds
2.2 Also require services
2.2.1 Banks
2.2.2 Accountants
2.2.3 Machinery repairs
3 Rural Depopulation
3.1 Fewer jobs due to increased MECHANISATION
3.2 Fewer people working
3.2.1 Fewer taxes being paid
3.3 Low paid jobs = low skilled jobs
4 Commercial Agriculture
4.1 Carried out to make a profit
4.2 Done by farmers who own a vast area of land
4.2.1 This is extensive farming requires an enormous inputs of £££!

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