Immune System

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R Tizabgar
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Immune System
1 Disorders
2 Immunity
2.1 Passive
2.1.1 Exposed naturally to infection Placental transfer from mother to fetus
2.1.2 Exposed artificially to infection Injected with serum that contains antibody for a disease
2.2 Active
2.2.1 Exposed naturally to infection Natural exposure to an antigen
2.2.2 Exposed artificially to infection Been vaccinatated by form of antigen that is either weakened or dead so it does not make you sick but triggers an immune response
3 Adaptive
3.1 This class involves the production of T-lymphocytes
3.1.1 Cell-Mediated Immunity CD8 Cells Secrete chemicals that destroy virus infected cells T-lymphocytes CD4 Cells Enhance B-cell growth, cytotoxic cell activity, and active microphages
3.2 This class involves the production of antibodies
3.2.1 Humoral Immunity In this type of defense antigens stimulate B-lymphocytes To convert to Memory Cells Plasma Cells
4 Innate

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