the UK as a multi-ethnic society

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GCSE Religion Mind Map on the UK as a multi-ethnic society, created by Gabsleigh on 03/27/2014.

Created by Gabsleigh over 5 years ago
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the UK as a multi-ethnic society
1 the UK has always been a multi-ethnic society
1.1 Britain has many ethnic minorities making it a multi-ethnic society
2 the problems of DISCRIMINATION and RACISM
2.1 RACIALLY PREJUDICE employers won't give jobs to people of a certain ethnic group
2.1.1 RELIGIOUSLY PREJUDICE employers won't give jobs to people of a certain religious group
2.2 PREJUDICED landlords are likely to refuse accommodation to certain ethnic/religious groups
2.3 if teachers are prejudice against students due to to their ethnic group/religion, they will discriminate against them in their teaching
2.3.1 so pupils may not achieve their full potential
2.4 PREJUDICE police officers may discriminate against certain ethnic/religious groups
2.4.1 so they may stop and search people for no reason
2.5.1 certain groups may feel they are being treated unfairly by society they may then work against that society
2.5.2 some politicians think you black people turn to crime this is due to them not being able to get good well paid jobs,because of DISCRIMINATION
2.5.3 some politicians believe that young muslims have been turning to extremist Islamic groups because they feel they have no chance of success in a prejudice British society
2.5.4 RACISM and DISCRIMINATION can lead to groups like the BNP stirring up hatred and violence
3.1 people of different ethnic groups will get to know each other
3.1.1 become to like eacother and maybe intermarry
3.2 more progress will be made in a multi-ethnic society
3.2.1 because people will bring in new ideas and new ways of doing things
3.3 life is more interesting with a greater variety of food, music, fashion and entertainment
3.4 helps people to live and work in a world of multi-national companies and economic independence between all nations
4 arguments AGAINST living in a multi-ethnic society
4.1 different ethnic groups living in one society are likely to come into conflict with each other if they disagree with each other
4.2 they can lead to the loss of the culture of the original group
4.3 if every ethnic group had its own country, there would be no conflict

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