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bronchi anatomy

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  1. Bronchial Arteries
    1. The bronchial arteries & veins constitute the 'nutritive' vascular system of the pulmonary tissues.
      1. They interconnect within the lung with branches of the pulmonary arteries & veins.
        1. The bronchial arteries originate from the thoracic aorta or one of its branches:
          1. A single right bronchial artery normally arises from the third posterior intercostal artery (but occasionally, it originates from the upper left bronchial artery)
            1. Two left bronchial arteries arise directly from the anterior surface of the aorta.
          2. Bronchial Veins
            1. The bronchial veins drain into:
              1. Either the pulmonary veins or the left atrium
                1. & Into the : azygos vein on the right or into the superior intercostal vein or hemiazygos vein on the left.
              2. Intrapulmonary branches of the principle bronchi
                1. The trachea gives 2 principal bronchi (right and left)
                  1. Each principal bronchus gives lobar bronchus then segmental bronchus.
                  2. Right Principal bronchus
                    1. 1) Before it enters the hilum, the right principle bronchus gives off the:
                      1. Superior lobar bronchi
                        1. Inferior lobar bronchi
                        2. 2) After entering the lung the inferior lobar bronchus divides into
                          1. Middle Lobar Bronchus
                            1. Lower Lobar Bronchus
                            2. 3) So it divides into 3 lobar bronchi to the 3 lobes of the lung
                              1. Superior lobe
                                1. Middle lobe
                                  1. Inferior lobe
                                    1. which then give off 10 segmental bronchi to the bronchopulmonary segments.
                                      1. Superior lobar bronchus divides into 3 segmental bronchi:
                                        1. Apical
                                          1. Anterior
                                            1. Posterior
                                            2. Middle lobar bronchus divides into 2 segmental bronchi :
                                              1. Medial
                                                1. Lateral
                                                2. Inferior lobar bronchus divides into :
                                                  1. apical
                                                    1. 4 basal segmental bronchi:
                                                      1. Anterior
                                                        1. Lateral
                                                          1. Medial
                                                            1. Basal
                                                    2. Left Principal Bronchus
                                                      1. 1) It has no branches outside the lung
                                                        1. 2) Inside the lung it divides into 2 lobar bronchi (superior and inferior) to the 2 lobes of the lung.
                                                          1. 3) The 2 lobar bronchi are then give off 10 segmental bronchi to the bronchopulmonary segments
                                                            1. Superior lobar bronchus divides into:
                                                              1. Upper Apical Segmental Bronchus
                                                                1. Anterior Segmental Bronchus
                                                                  1. Posterior Segmental Bronchus
                                                                    1. Superior Lingular Bronchus
                                                                      1. Inferior Lingular Bronchus
                                                                      2. Inferior Lobar Bronchus divides into:
                                                                        1. Lower Lobe Apical Segmental bronchus
                                                                          1. 4 Basal Segmental Bronchi
                                                                            1. Anterior
                                                                              1. Lateral
                                                                                1. Medial
                                                                                  1. Posterior
                                                                            2. Bronchopulmonary Segments
                                                                              1. Is a functionally independent unit of lung tissue
                                                                                1. Is the largest subdivision of a lobe
                                                                                  1. Is pyramid shaped, with the apex at the lung root
                                                                                    1. Receives its own segmental (tertiary) bronchus
                                                                                      1. Has separate arterial supply from other segments
                                                                                        1. Surrounded by connective tissue containing intersegmental vein which drain the segments
                                                                                          1. Can be removed surgically without affecting the function of other segments
                                                                                          2. Apical segment of the lower lobe
                                                                                            1. Is located alongside the base of the scapular spine (where you can listen to this segment).
                                                                                              1. Is the most dependent part of the lung when lying supine in bed and is the region where intrapulmonary fluid may collect in some conditions.
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