Plan a birthday party

Michael Haslett
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Plan a birthday party
1 Prepare Food
1.1 T005 Prepare loot bags
1.1.1 NT Purchase loot bags
1.1.2 NT Add ingredients
1.1.3 NT Purchase ingredients
1.1.4 Select ingredients
1.2 T007 Prepare healthy snacks
1.2.1 NT Purchase ingredients
1.3 T001 Bake a birthday cake
1.3.1 Purchase ingredients
1.3.2 Follow instructions IAW cake manual
1.4 NT Purchase eating utensils
2 Invite guests
2.1 T003 write invitations
2.1.1 NT Choose invitation cards
2.2 mail invitations
2.2.1 NT Acquire addresses
2.3 T002 prepare a guest list
3 Prepare party materials
3.1 Hire clown
3.1.1 Choose a clown
3.1.2 NT Arrange time and date with clown
3.2 Make balloon animals
3.2.1 T010 Purchase balloon animal materials
3.3 Decorate party
3.3.1 Determine areas to decorate
3.3.2 Purchase decorations
4 Plan entertainment
4.1 NT Select music
4.1.1 NT Choose music outlet
4.2 NT Designate clown performance area
4.3 NT Determine party game location
4.3.1 select party games
5 Request Assistance
5.1 NT Contact helpers for the party
5.1.1 Select helpers for the party
5.2 Designate a job for helpers
6 Prepare to receive guests
6.1 NT Prepare table for gift reception
6.2 NT Prepare room for coats reception
6.3 Clean the house
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