Help Bring The Bees and Butterflys Back !!

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this map allows students to see the different ways to save our wildlife

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Help Bring The Bees and Butterflys Back !!
1 Don't use pesticides in your garden
1.1 Many bugs are beneficial to a garden if we use pesticides the garden will be unable to thrive and we will be killing off our bees and butterflies
1.2 Natural pest control is a good way to control your garden for weeds, viruses and pests without using chemical products
1.2.1 Use mulch to get rid of weeds and moisten soil quality as well
1.2.2 Make sure to grab weeds by the roots ensuring it will not grow back
1.2.3 Check frequently for insects bites on leaves and plants, try to have ant anti-insect plants grow to prevent infestation
1.3 You don't want to over control your garden insects are a natural part by doing this you allow bees and butterflies to live off the nectar in your plant
2 Garden with Native Plants
2.1 Native plants do not need to rely on pesticides or fertilizers they naturally adapt
2.2 native plants can prevent the introduction and spread of invasive plant species
2.3 Native plants attract insects that pollinate flowers are an important food source for birds. Butterflies rely on native plants to produce their offspring eggs and some caterpillars will only consume natitve flowers
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