"Tally's Blood" by Ann Marie di Mambro


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"Tally's Blood" by Ann Marie di Mambro
  1. Ann Marie di Mambro
    1. Dramatic Techniques
      1. Rosinella
        1. Prejudice/ Sexism
          1. Attitude of Italians towards Scots
            1. Attitude of Scots towards Italians
              1. War
                1. Women
                  1. "But it's one thing to play around with them, so long as you marry your own kind" p.25
                    1. "Italians are not interested in a lassie that's been out with anybody else-especially the Scotch men. They like a girl that's kept herself for them" p.111
                      1. "[Lucia clears things from table, gets a table cloth and three glasses and puts them on table; Luigi does not lift a finger to help" p.158
                        1. "You sponged off my sister, you sponged off me. You even sponged your daughter's upbringing and now she's big, you want her married so you can sponge off her" p.169
                          1. Rosinella deals with the prejudice towards women by first accepting it and telling Franco, Bridget and Lucia that it's the way things are for women, but later in the play rejecting it when it impacts Lucia. She takes Lucia back to Scotland away from such blatant female injustice
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