Nadia burns her hand

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Nadia burns her hand
1 Nadia runs a fast food shop. One friday she spilled hot oil on her hand. she did not take a day off and only used painkiller and dressing.
1.1 the next day she went to health care, the doctor found she have a burn and pain persistent, unable to use hands and swollen, tender and red, blisters, bullae, necrotic cells.
1.1.1 doctor informed her she have 2nd degree burn degree of burn injury 1st degree erythema , pain , absence of blisters , not life threatening , do not require IV fluid replacement , totally heal in few days 2nd degree red or mottled appearance , swelling , blister formation , the surface may have weeping , wet appearance , painfully hypersensitive even to air current . 3rd degree appear dark & leathery , the skin may appear translucent , mottled , or waxy white , the surface may be red & does not blanch with pressure , the surface is painful & generally dry , healing may be from edge but mostly needs skin graft . 4th degree involves the subcutaneous tissues , fat , tendon , muscles , fascia ,nerves , vessels & bones after few days, the pain increased all the way to her armpits. she had fever. she went to doctor and he found her temp was 38 C doctor told her: the burn appears infected that is caused by pathogenic bacteria Burn wounds are dynamic and need reassessment in the first 24-72 Hours, otherwise bacteria invasion will occur. Impaired cellular immunity also humoral immunity defect , leading to local infection if severe can leads to sepsis & septic shock . doctor took a wound swab from infected site to determine the cause of infection. why we do wound swab? To identify organisms in wounds known or suspected to be infected. As part of screening programmes to identify patients who may be carrying infections without displaying any signs or symptoms. he recommended antibiotics to her. And gave her penicillin injection based on Nadia's request. what are antibiotics of antimicrobial drug used in the treatment and prevention of bacterial infections. They may either kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria. they don't treat infections caused by viuses. antibacterial resistance? one week later nadia got better 6 months later, the doctor noticed the site of burn is elevated, thick, and itchy, and the doctor told her thats the normal body response to a burn and gave her an ointment management and assessment to assess amount of fluid loss first Aid for burns
1.1.2 what is burn? cell death caused by intense by many factors its effect: social body image disorder avoiding coping or -ve coping sexual issues physical scar formation disability types? Thermal fire, boiling water or oil Chemical acids and alkaline Electrical by high voltage or Low voltage mechanical friction radiation depends on dose and type of radiation. necrosis vs apoptosis
1.1.3 what is blister? a small sac containing liquid or gas with diameter 0.5 cm or less if it was large its called bulla which is larger than 0.5 cm
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