What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?


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What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
  1. Distribution is the idea of film institutions making their products available for their prime audiences to view, they use multiple marketing campaigns to achieve this. Institutions are a organisation which produce, distribute or exhibit films, some institutions need merge with another institution to strengthen their distribution. The bigger the institution the higher chance a film has of making it globally. Many of these institutions are located in American in the heart of film, Hollywood.
    1. Independent Film Institutions
      1. An independent film is a film which has been produced completely or with little contact outside major film studios. Being produced and distributed by independent entertainment companies limits the ability to make a film successful worldwide. However, independent films can also be partnered with a major film studio such as Universal, Paramount and Warner Brothers to improve the performance of the film. A large majority of independent films are seen to be arty and indie, this is for these films would have a select, smaller audience and independent companies would be able to deliver these audiences with no need to go global. Independent films are made with considerably lower film budgets than major studio films. A large majority of british film companies are independent as they don't have the money ro create big set pieces and other extravagant scenes.
        1. The creator of Paranormal Activity produced the film for roughly $15,000 however the producer had to team up with Paramount to make it a success, bring the box office $807,043,208.
      2. Hollywood Film Institutions
        1. Hollywood film institutions are companies that produce and distribute films annually and command significant shares in box office revenues. They have huge budgets for their films and have extreme marketing techniques. They not only use social media like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook etc but they also use merchandise, billboards and websites. Hollywood has continually been able to act upon a changing market and use to their advantage new technologies to help their films thrive.
          1. The Hobbit which is a big blockbuster movie had extreme marketing which helped Hollywood to bring it worldwide. Not only did they have a website that had a wallpaper generator, Dwarf Combat Training and an iOS app but they partnered with lego to create a range of The Hobbit lego, they also created a huge range of merchandise. The Hobbit was printed on the sides of planes and buildings.
      3. I personally believe if my media product were to be distributed by an institution it would be best suited to a Hollywood film institution. Preferably Universal, as this major studio would have the budget I believe my product would need and the ability to facilitate the travel as my storyline lies between England and Dubai as one of the main characters is located in this country. In my story line there is an oil spill which would be considered a big set piece, a Hollywood institution would be able to create this as the budget would cover the expenses. Also the representation of the wealthy, middle class family in my opening title sequence would be able to be reinforced by a major film studio as it would be able to provide the flash expensive cars, the big glamorous houses and the exclusive lifestyle. I also believe my product would reach out to a large target audience as discussed in my evaluation titled 'Who would be the audience for your media product?'
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