Methods to Speed up Recovery Process


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Methods to Speed up Recovery Process
  1. Cool down
    1. By cooling down and exercising at a low intensity (jogging etc.) then greater amounts of oxygen are consumed
      1. creatine phosphate stores will replenish at a faster rate.
        1. more oxygen - quicker the removal of lactic acid
        2. high carbohydrate and protein meal within 30 minutes post exercise
          1. optimum time for the uptake of carbohydrate and protein is within 30 minutes of finishing exercise.
            1. High Glycaemic Index carbohydrate plus Low Glycaemic Index
              1. enables the body to begin restoring the glycogen used over exercise period.
                1. Also proteins help the muscles to grow and repair.
            2. Recovery supplements
              1. The use of recovery supplements is widely used in sport for recovery purposes.
                1. contains a mixture of
                  1. carbohydrate to re-supply the glycogen stores,
                    1. protein and amino acids for growth and repair of the muscle
                      1. creatine helps restore CP stores.
                    2. Ice baths
                      1. when we exercise at a high intensity, small micro-tears occur in the muscles
                        1. Some research believes that micro-tears causes Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness (DOMS) or at least the swelling that takes place around the micro-tears
                          1. Baths reduce the swelling around the muscle micro-tears and reduce the pain
                            1. performer is able to train at a higher intensity the next day
                              1. research on this is not conclusive
                              2. Massage
                                1. serve two purposes
                                  1. the first is psychological benefits e.g. the relaxing feeling of the massage
                                    1. Secondly, it can help physically by returning de-oxygenated blood from the muscle tissue to the heart to be re-oxygenated.
                                  2. Compression Clothing
                                    1. compression clothing can help recovery by maximising the pumping action of the muscles in returning blood to the heart
                                      1. help with subsequent removal of lactic acid and blood lactate.
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