Why did Parliament win the English Civil War

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Why did Parliament win the English Civil War
1 The Navy
1.1 Parliament have Complete Control
1.1.1 Charles is cut off from Europe No chance of alliances This meant Charles had few me in comparison to Parliament no chance of supplies being imported from Europe
2 Allies
2.1 Parliament had support from the Scottish Presbytarians
2.1.1 Parliament had an extra 22000 men from the Scots
2.2 Royalists struggled to find allies as they were cut off from Europe
3 Money
3.1 Parliament had lots of taxes levied on the country to fund their cause
3.1.1 The soldiers were paid This meant many more people wanted to join compared to the Royalists
3.2 Royalists had very few resources and were not able to trade so had very little money
3.2.1 Soldiers were not paid Not many people wanted to join the army
4 Forces
4.1 The royalist army was untrained
4.2 The New Model Army
4.2.1 Well trained
5 Territory
5.1 Parliament controlled far more populated areas than the Royalists
5.1.1 Parliament had more people on there side as they had control over more people
5.2 Parliament had control of London
5.2.1 Parliament had control of London which was centre of trade so were able to trade and collect supplies to fund their cause
5.3 Parliament had control over the areas which made weapons
5.3.1 More resources than the Royalists
6 Leadership
6.1 Royalists
6.1.1 Poor communication between leaders The royalist army was badly disciplined
6.1.2 Price Rupert was a bad leader, but the Royalists would not demote him Enter text here
6.2 Parliamentarians
6.2.1 They used the system promotion by merit which meant the best leaders were promoted and bad leaders demoted This lead to two good leaders, Oliver Cromwell and Sir Thomas Fairfax

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