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mindmap for initial ideas

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Our Teaser Trailer
  1. Guns
    1. Masks
      1. Spy film
        1. Government agent taking action against agents of a rival government (terrorists)
        2. Haunted object
          1. Crime thriller
            1. Focus on criminals
              1. Suspenseful account of successful or failed crimes
                1. Killers, robberies, chases, shoot outs
                2. Film names
                  1. The Shadow Alley
                    1. The Dying Message
                      1. The Room that Kills
                      2. Plots
                        1. 1) A damaging secret letter or video is made public, and the heroine must deal with the aftermath
                          1. 2) Our hero is the sure someone's been wrongly accused or convicted of a crime, and searches for the culprit
                            1. 3) Mysterious disappearance
                              1. 4) People/person brainwashed and turns into a killer
                                1. 5) A hero on the run from the law. Maybe guilty, or maybe be framed.
                                  1. 6) Someone must find, retrieve,or get rid of a cursed, object or weapon.
                                    1. 7) Through technology and/or other measures, someone's identity is wiped out or assumed by another person
                                      1. 8) A person is in the wrong place at the wrong time and becomes an accessory or a witness to a terrible crime, putting him in danger - related to 4 (person turned into a deadly weapon against his will - infected with virus)
                                        1. 9) Someone has killed them self, but our heroine is positive it was actually a murder
                                          1. 10) Hundreds or millions of people are under attack by a small group via computer viruses, biological weapons or something else
                                            1. 11) The room that kills
                                              1. 12) The dying message
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