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  1. Earth's Moon (Luna)
    1. Our moon is 384,400 km away from the Earth.
      1. Only about 60% of the moon's surface is visible from planet Earth.
        1. From Earth, you can only see one side of the moon, because the other side is always hidden.
          1. The moon doesn't have a global magnetic field.
            1. The first spacecraft to send back pictures of the moon was named after it. It was called The Luna 3.
            2. Saturn's moon (Titan)
              1. Titan has a lot of deep methane lakes on its surface.
                1. Titan is Saturn's largest moon.
                  1. Titan is the second largest moon in the solar system.
                    1. Titan may be habitable to other forms of life.
                      1. Titan has the densest atmosphere out of all the moons in the solar system.
                        1. Titan is thought to possibly contain liquid water.
                        2. Saturn's moon (Enceladus)
                          1. Enceladus is Saturn's sixth largest moon.
                            1. Enceladus was first examined in detail by the Voyager spacecraft.
                              1. Enceladus' body is mainly composed of ice.
                                1. Enceladus may be heated from the inside with radioactive heating.
                                  1. A spacecraft called Cassini photographed Enceladus, and revealed that geysers of water may exist on its surface. They are possibly fed by the oceans under Enceladus' surface.
                                  2. Jupiter's moon (Europa)
                                    1. Europa is Jupiter's sixth closest moon.
                                      1. Europa was discovered by Galileo Galilei on January 8th 1610.
                                        1. Europa is the sixth largest moon out of the 181 moons in the solar system.
                                          1. Although Europa is about 4.5 billion years old, its surface is 20 to 180 million years old.
                                            1. There is enough radiation on Europa to kill a human in just one day.
                                              1. Europa may have oceans of liquid saltwater under its surface.
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