Polymers, alkanes and alkenes

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Flash cards for chemistry key stage 4 Alkanes Alkenes Polymers

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Question Answer
Hydrocarbons contain... Hydrogen and carbon
When a hydrocarbon chain has only single covalent bonds it is called an __________. AlkAne
When a hydrocarbon chain has a double bond it's called an ________. AlkEne
Double bonds have two shared pairs of ________. Electrons
AlkEnes are described as being... Unsaturated
To test for alkEnes you can use... Bromine water
What are more than one monomer called? Polymers
When alkenes join together making a polymer, the reaction is called _______________. Polymerisation
The process of polymerisation needs 1) 2) High pressure Catalyst
Atoms in a plastic are held together by ___________ bonds. Covalent
Plastics that have WEAK intermolecular forces have... 1) 2) Low melting points Can be stretched easily because the polymer molecules can slide over each other
Plastics that have STRONG intermolecular forces have... 1) 2) High melting point Are rigid and can't be stretched