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Information about some known moons of our Solar System.

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  1. Europa
    1. Global ocean
      1. Has two times the water than on earth
      2. Potencialy livable
        1. Could hold other life forms
          1. Might have the building blocks for life
            1. Is far from the Sun
            2. Earths moon
              1. Name is luna
                1. Earth's natural satilite
                  1. Fifth largest moon
                    1. Was discovered in 1610
                      1. Only place we have set foot on other then Earth
                        1. The brightest and largest object in the night sky
                          1. Causes tides in the ocean/ sea
                            1. Humans ahve a space station on that moon.
                            2. Enceladus
                              1. Saturn's 6 th moon
                                1. Has a licy crust
                                  1. Wobble'slightly when it rotates saturn
                                    1. Humans have never been there.
                                      1. 3 rovers have landed there
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