King Lear is more sinned again than sinning DISAGREE

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Mind Map on King Lear is more sinned again than sinning, created by Eimear O'Sullivan on 12/11/2016.

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King Lear is more sinned again than sinning DISAGREE
  1. Love test
    1. Childish, game, volcanic temper
      1. "Nothing will come of nothing"
        1. "Come not between a dragon and his wrath"
          1. "The bow is bent, drawn, make from the shaft"
            1. I love your Majesty/ According to my bond; no more nor less
            2. Banishing Kent & Cordelia
              1. Wrong decision. Punishing those who care for him & rewarding those who do not care for him
                1. Lack of self understanding & knowledge
                2. "Call Burgundy Call France, with two daughters downers digest this third"
                  1. "On the sixth to turn thy hated back upon our kingdom"
                  2. Lear lacks to see Goneril's & Regan's disloyal actions.
                    1. They see him as being senile & weak
                      1. Getting frustrated
                        1. Lear fails to recognise his daughters are more powerful than he is
                        2. "You see how full of changes his age is"
                          1. "He has always loved our sister most; and with poor judgement he hath now cast her off"
                          2. Fails to see his loss of power
                            1. Demanding dinner. Disrespectful, little respect, disruptive, rowdy
                              1. Leads Lear to question his sanity
                                1. "Doth any here know me? This is not Lear:/ Doth Lear walk thus? Speak thus?"
                                2. "O Lear, Lear, Lear! Beat at this gate, that let thy folly in, And thy dear judgment out!"
                                3. Responsible for own mistakes, drives himself to his own insanity
                                  1. Small realisation that he did Cordelia wrong.
                                    1. Sees how Goneril & Regan treat him
                                      1. He was blinded which drove him to sanity
                                        1. "I did her wrong"
                                        2. "I will forget my nature. So kind a father"
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