True Grit

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True Grit
  1. Characters
    1. Mattie
      1. hero
        1. Is a girl, not a typical hero
          1. Sexism was a major problem in the 19th century
            1. Not conveyed in the same way which girls are normally are in westerns
              1. Usual to have a female protagonist
            2. Stubborn
              1. Isn't easily made to change her mind
                1. Reckless
              2. Rooster Cogburn
                1. the helper
                  1. only helps out because he wants "lucky" Ned Pepper and by helping he can get him
                  2. Played by John Wayne,
                    1. Became type cast for the western films
                    2. Secondary hero
                      1. Secondary protagonist
                      2. alcoholic
                      3. La Beouf
                        1. The false hero, his death stops him from being a hero
                          1. doesn't want Mattie to be a part of the trip
                          2. Wants to be the lone hero
                            1. Typical in westerns
                          3. "Lucky" Ned Pepper
                            1. Secondary villian
                              1. Defeated by the hero
                                1. is wanted by the secondary protagnise
                              2. Tom Chaney
                                1. villian
                                  1. Defeated by the hero
                                  2. although he is one of the major characters we do not know a lot about him until the end of the film as until then we're only told what to think about him
                                    1. Killed Matties' father
                                      1. Goes on the run with "lucky" Ned Pepper
                                  3. themes
                                    1. revenge
                                      1. Mattie wants revenge for her fathers death
                                        1. gets her revenge at the end of the film
                                        2. Rooster wants to capture "lucky" New Pepper for his wrong doings
                                        3. Greed
                                          1. Tom Chaney takes Mattie's fathers money after he kills him
                                            1. La Beouf wants all the credit
                                              1. Rooster only goes as he knows it will help him, doesn't really want to help Mattie
                                              2. Underdogs of society
                                                1. Mattie would be considered an underdog as she is female and male were not equal
                                                  1. this may be why La Beouf does not want her to come on the trip
                                                    1. Mattie is not the typical female through the way in which she acts
                                                2. scenes
                                                  1. when Chaney shoots Matties father
                                                    1. very dark lighting
                                                      1. negative connotations
                                                      2. saloon setting
                                                        1. connotations of drinking and prostitution
                                                      3. when Mattie shoots Chaney
                                                        1. very bright lighting
                                                          1. positive connotations
                                                          2. much more country location
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