Creative Writing

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Creative Writing
1 Story Telling
1.1 Grab readers attention
1.1.1 Start with one line paragraph
1.1.2 Start with a headline
1.2 Start in the middle of the action
2 What you are marked on
2.1 Content
2.2 Organisation of Content
2.3 Accuracy
2.4 Effect
3 Awesome adjectives you could use
3.1 Contrition
3.1.1 to feel sorry for something
3.2 Incongruous
3.2.1 inconsistent
3.3 Inimitable
3.3.1 incomparable
3.4 Juxtaposition
3.4.1 a big contrast between 2 things
3.5 Plethora
3.5.1 Excess
3.6 Proffer
3.6.1 offer or proposal
3.7 Recompense
3.7.1 repay or compensate
3.8 Reticent
3.8.1 restrained or reluctant
3.9 Terse
3.9.1 Concise or brief
3.10 Unabashed
3.10.1 Unapolagetic
3.10.2 Confident
3.10.3 Unembaressed
4 Writing about an image
4.1 Think about a the genre, audience and purpose
4.2 try and tell a story
4.3 use adjectives
4.4 describe
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