Faults in Cake Making

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Section A of 2014 june food tech exam

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Faults in Cake Making
1 Cake has sunk in the middle
1.1 Too much sugar or syrup is used
1.2 To much raising agent was added to the mixture leading gluten structure to collaspe
1.3 The cake has not been cooked for enough time
2 Cake has risen to a peak and cracked on top
2.1 Oven temperature was too high- mixture not set on top before cake finished rising
2.2 Too much mixture was used for the size of tin
2.3 The cake was cooked too near the top of the oven.
3 Has a heavy texture
3.1 The mixture was too wet
3.2 Not enough chemical raising agent or air was added
3.3 The oven temperature was too low
3.4 The mixture curdled when mixing and therefore could not hold the right amount of air
4 Has a hard sugary crust
4.1 Too much sugar was used
4.2 A course sugar which did not dissolve was used
4.3 The mixture was not creamed enough- size of sugar crystals had not reduced in size.
5 Has an open and course crust
5.1 Too much chemical raising agent was used
5.2 Flour had not been throughly mixed in
6 Has risen unevenly
6.1 Oven shelf was not level
6.2 The cake was placed too near the heat source- so rose more quickly on one side

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