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Compassion essay plan that covers essential topics.

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Compassion Essay
1 Intro
1.1 1) Define Compassion
1.2 2) Compassion and Caring for Nurses (Camber and Ryder, 2009, Pg.2)
1.3 3) Link to perspective of a healthcare professional
2 Topic 1: NHS Constitution
2.1 P: important as the values, such as compassion are central to the care provided
2.2 E: NHS Constitution (Values)
2.3 E: Impact of Compassion in empathy in giving treatment, meets the needs of the patient
2.4 L: Empowers the patient
2.5 P: Holistic, patient centred care is best way to take care of patient
2.6 E: Strives to highlight holistic vision of Psych+ Understanding of person (Rana+Upton, 2009, pg.56)
2.7 E: Explain person centred + holistic
2.8 L: Enables the patient to feel more comfortable with the adult nurse+increases empowerment
3 Topic 2: Francis Report & Lack of compassion
3.1 P: Consequence of a lack of compassion
3.2 E: Francis Report
3.3 L: Compassion is simple but if there is overwhelming factors such as financial targets then it can be seen as second, but it needs to be first
3.4 E: Explain what happened and how lack of compassion caused the deaths and malpractice there
4 Topic 3: NMC Code of Conduct
4.1 P: Lack of compassion caused malpractice, break the NMC Code of Conduct
4.2 E: The Nursing and Midwifery Council (2015, pg.3) examples of providing for the individual needs
4.3 E: State their values+ beliefs and how compassion can help with help with empowering them and respecting their wishes
4.4 L: The importance of respecting their belief's and personal choice are what lead to them co-operating, leads to rapport
5 Topic 4: Communication Theory
5.1 P: Communication in tone + voice considerate of their feelings is important
5.2 E: Arnold + Boggs (2015, pg.6) Effective Communication-foundation of effective care, can help assist with how to manage conditions+example in practice
5.3 E: Important as used to provide clarity, helping them understand their situation, prevent further problems
5.4 L: Ensure that the service user can accurately manage for themselves without assistance, going the extra mile to ensure
6 Topic 5: 6 C's
6.1 P: Compassion influences the way practice is carried+ 6 C's of care
6.2 E: 6 C's in social care, pg.2)
6.3 E: Influence to create patient centred plan which takes into account all of the patient's problems and be considerate of their opinions and preferences
6.4 L: This is important as it allows care to maximise the benefits towards patients
7 Topic 6: Ethical Issues
7.1 P: Define ethical issues
7.2 E: Hippocratic Oath (Miles, 2005) Nurse considering how her words affect the patient.
7.3 E: Being able to treat patient's ethically will ensure that care is at a standard where it does not deteriorate
7.4 L: Ethical issues are a major cause of problems, being compassionate can help prevent that in the first place
8 Conclusion
8.1 Summarise importance of compassion
8.2 Consequences, refer to Francis report
8.3 Influences to why compassion was lacking
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