Starting Univeristy

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Mind Map on starting university

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Starting Univeristy
1 Halls
1.1 Living with new people
1.1.1 Living with 4 males and 1 female Have not been able to settle in well
1.2 Sharing space
2 Finance
2.1 Shopping
2.2 Paying for accomodation
2.3 Paying for existing direct debits
2.4 Travelling home
2.5 Not working/earing a wage
3 Social
3.1 Missing family
3.1.1 Having time to travel home
3.2 Maintaining a healthy lifestyle
3.3 Opportunities
3.3.1 Societies
3.3.2 Travelling
3.4 Mature students make it difficult to make friends
4 Time management
4.1 Prioritising
4.1.1 Making time for family
4.2 Being on time for placement
4.3 Juggling coursework while on placement
5 Theory
5.1 Assignments
5.1.1 Referencing
5.1.2 Extra Reading
5.2 Exams
5.2.1 Anxiety
5.2.2 Pressure
5.3 Deadlines
5.4 Resources
5.4.1 Learning what is useful or not
5.4.2 A lot of them being online
5.5 Learn new skills for learning
6 Placement
6.1 Applying theory to the job
6.2 Hands on
6.3 Develop confidence
6.4 Learning hospital jargon
6.5 Career opportunities
6.6 Feeling inexperienced
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