animal rights

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animal rights
  1. Christian!
    1. Stewardship
      1. Animals should be protected
        1. We are here to look after the world
      2. Dominion
        1. We have control over the animals
          1. God made us to rule over the world
            1. God made us in his image
      3. Buddhist!
        1. Reincarnation
          1. Protect and look after animals
            1. They are just as important as people
          2. Eight fold path
            1. ahisma
              1. Usually vegetarian
                1. Will eat meat if it is offered to them
                  1. manners!
              2. Bad things:
                1. Battery farms
                  1. poaching
                    1. Making animals compete
                      1. Racing
                        1. Dog fights
                      2. Controversial stuff:
                        1. Guide dogs
                          1. Zoos
                            1. Cons
                              1. Bad conditions
                                1. Inhumane
                              2. Pros
                                1. Animal breeding programs
                                  1. Protects endangered species
                                2. Animal testing
                                  1. Helps to develop important medicines
                                    1. Saves lives
                                    2. Harms and eforms animals
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