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1 writer expresses intense feelings of love
2 conjures up a new image in each stanza
3 Form
3.1 Ghazal-an ancient poetic form originally from middle East
3.1.1 used to express beauty & pains of love
3.2 final word in each couplet is the same
4 Structure
4.1 separate nature of each stanza means we're given whole range of different ideas and images in quick succession
4.1.1 makes poem seem playful but intense
4.2 further down becomes more serious
5 Language about nature
5.1 natural imagery makes poem seem timeless
5.1.1 suggest her love is permanent & profound
5.1.2 their love is a natural thing
5.2 'venomous tongue, the serpents tail, charmer'
5.2.1 dangerous animal-natural imagery to describe herself isn't tame or gentle wants him to be like snake charmer-teasing & in control image of snakes-magic
5.3 'If I rise in the east as you die in the west...every night renew me'
5.3.1 like sun and moon setting and rising in turn can't be with each other at same time
5.3.2 image of parts of the world and life
5.4 'if I am the grass and you the breeze'
5.4.1 seems rooted
5.4.2 he's free to move around
5.4.3 implies interconnection
5.5 'laurel leaf'
5.5.1 imagery of royalty and victory
5.5.2 without me you would be nothing
5.6 'hawk to shadow, moth to flame'
5.6.1 want to attract him to her
5.6.2 sense relationship is destructive
6 Language about being loved
6.1 asking to be object for her lover's love despite the fact she's one chasing him with this poem
6.2 language in poem makes clear her love isn't all about sweetness
6.2.1 some images hint conflict and aggression
6.3 'what shape should I take to marry your own'
6.3.1 question could be read as summing up whole poem
6.3.2 she would change for him suggest really in love
6.4 'have you ..-pursue me'
6.4.1 wants to get him to be the active one in relationship
6.5 'if you are the rhyme and I the refrain, don't hang'
6.5.1 mage of poetry metaphor of love
6.5.2 'don't hang' enjambement reflects her waiting for 'cue' on next line
6.6 'iron fist in the velvet glove ...arrow flies, the heart is pierced, tattoo me'
6.6.1 suggest she wants him to be firm but gentle with her
6.6.2 heart pieced with arrow is traditional tattoo, also its permanent
6.6.3 arrows=cupid
7 'if I am'
7.1 implies interconnection
7.2 trying out different scenarios on her beloved
8 'if when ends we are just friends'
8.1 different idea from one you find in traditional love poem
9 'be heaven and earth to me and I'll be twice the me'
9.1 he means more to her
9.2 ghazal's feature poets name in last stanza -'twice me'-MImi
10 Feelings& Attitudes
10.1 Intense love
10.2 playfulness
10.2.1 range of different images & repeating rhymes -seems joyous and playful
10.3 pleasure
10.3.1 narrator enjoys being in love and language of love
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