Risk management

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Risk management
1 Non-compliance with objectives
1.1 Social
1.1.1 Of the human society or that has relation with her
1.2 technological
1.2.1 Set of instruments, technical resources or procedures used in a given field or sector
1.3 economic
1.3.1 Science that studies resources, wealth creation and production, distribution and consumption of goods and services, to meet human needs
1.4 political
1.4.1 Science dealing with government and the organization of human societies, especially state
1.5 market
1.5.1 Theoretical place where the supply and demand of products and services is found and prices are determined
1.6 environmental
1.6.1 Element in which a being lives
2 There are different risks
2.1 Company risks
2.1.1 deal Occupation, activity or work that is performed to obtain a benefit, especially the one that consists of conducting commercial operations, buying and selling goods or services
2.1.2 financial That is dedicated to the financing or granting of loans to carry out operations of purchase.
2.2 Internal risk
2.2.1 Organization Inadequate structure Lack of opportunities for executive development, lack of time for strategic thinking, too conflicting work climate, lack of definition in business planning Lack of planning The lack of planning is defined in a company at the time when a process does not go well according to this factor of badly elaborated planning Labor Climate Labor Climate is the set of relatively permanent qualities, attributes or properties of a specific work environment that are perceived, felt or experienced by the people who make up the business organization and who influence their behavior Group of persons and means organized for a specific purpose
2.2.2 Operation Quality Set of properties inherent to a thing that allows to characterize and value it with respect to the rest of its species. Customer satisfaction Is a term that is often used in marketing. It is a measure of how the products and services provided by a company meet or exceed customer expectations Efficiency Ability to perform or properly fulfill a function.
2.2.3 Management services. Work, especially when done for someone else products Is a thing or an object produced or manufactured, something material that is produced in a natural or artificial way, elaborated by a work for consumption
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