Brain and Mind

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OCR exam bored Biology GCSE B6

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Brain and Mind
  1. Responding to change
    1. Stimulus
      1. detected by receptors
        1. Hormones slow
          1. Nervous fast
            1. Simple response
              1. Knee-Jerk reflex
                1. Pupil reflex
                  1. Sucking
                    1. Grasping
                      1. stepping
                2. The nervous system
                  1. Peripheral nervous system
                    1. Motor
                      1. Sensory
                        1. Relay neuron--> Reflex arc
                    2. Learning
                      1. Experience
                        1. Repeptition
                          1. Feral Children
                            1. New neural path ways
                              1. Short term memory
                                1. Long term memory
                                  1. Forgetting
                                    1. Multistore model
                            2. Conditioning
                              1. Secondary Stimulus
                                1. Primary stimulus
                                2. Pavlov's Dogs
                                  1. Survival

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