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1 Workplace
1.1 Horizontal segregation - traditional male and female jobs
1.1.1 Differences due to being socialised differently, learning different subjects at school, and women being discriminated in male jobs
1.2 Gender gap - men earn more even in same job
1.2.1 Men in charge of promotion discriminate women
1.2.2 Division of labour - men are breadwinners, women only work for extra luxuries
1.3 Sexism - sex discrimination
1.3.1 Sex Discrimination Act 1975 - bans discrimination
1.4 Having children affects women
1.4.1 Glass ceiling - invisible barrier preventing them from getting promoted
2 Education
2.1 Girls - do better in school
2.1.1 In the past, men thought girls didn't need a good education because they will be housewives and mothers
2.1.2 Rise in achievement due to awareness of gender issues and girls having higher expectations
2.2 Boys - underachieving
2.2.1 Less male jobs, more service jobs which are seen feminine
2.2.2 Laddish anti learning culture - being teased by peers
2.2.3 Lower literacy levels as reading in seen a female hobby
2.2.4 Lack of male role models in primary school
3 Life chances
3.1 Women are more downwardly mobile than upwardly mobile because children interrupt careers
3.2 Double shift - women work full time and do housework/childcare
3.3 Crime - women less convicted but more likely to be victims of rape
3.4 Health - men have shorter lives but women suffer more ill health
3.5 Women likely to do unpaid careers in caring sick, elderly, disbaled
4 Genderquake
4.1 Sue Sharpe - In the past girls saw futures in terms of marriage and children not careers
4.1.1 Changing aspirations - careers were more important, amounted in basic shift in gender relations (genderquake)
4.2 Ladettes - women behaving like men were a new role model
4.3 Can-Do girls - increasing confidence and high standards
4.4 Girl Power - feeling created by role models in popular culture
4.5 Might be achieved but hasn't been achieved yet
5 Men
5.1 Disadvantages - shorter life, more stress to support family, not valued as parents, hard to do female jobs
5.2 Fewer secure jobs - unsure if able to support family
5.3 Men are under more suspicion of domestic violence
5.4 Children brought up without father figure so men not important
5.5 Peer pressure - can't be effeminate, must be macho
5.6 Changing roles
5.6.1 New Man - anti-sexist, faithful, considerate, willing to do housework/childcare
5.6.2 New Lad - sexist, like men used to be
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