Sugarhill Gang

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Sugarhill Gang
1 Influences other artists
1.1 50 Cent
1.2 Run DMC
1.3 Beastie Boys
1.4 LL Cool J
2 People who influenced them
2.1 Cold Rush Brothers
2.2 Curtis Mayfiled
2.3 Sly & The Family Stone
3 Years of prominence
3.1 1973-2007
4 Where they developed Their sound
4.1 Englewood New Jersey US
5 Social Context
5.1 Members
5.1.1 Micheal Wright
5.1.2 Henry Jackson
5.1.3 Guy O'Brien
5.2 Assembled by producer Sylvia Robinson, founded Sugar Hill Records
6 Hit Albums
6.1 Sugarhill Gang
6.2 8th Wonder
6.3 Jump On It
6.4 Hit Songs
6.4.1 Rapper's Delight
6.4.2 Apache
6.4.3 Bad News
6.4.4 Livin' In The Fast Lane
6.4.5 Here I Am
7 Instrumentation
7.1 Rappers
7.2 Electric Guitars
7.3 Drums
8 Best known for
8.1 Top 40 hit: Rapper's Delight
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