How will we create enigma?

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This mindmap is how to create enigma

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How will we create enigma?
  1. This can be created through the sounds that we use. For example music can create a sense of drama.
    1. Enigma can be created through pauses in the opening. This can emphasis the actions committed by the characters.
      1. The font and size of the titles in our opening can create enigma and it may give clues as to what the genre is.
        1. We can create enigma by ending the opening with a eye catching scene such as a cliffhanger.
          1. Location can be vital in creating enigma therefore when our main character is training we would the environment to be harsh to portray his determinism.
            1. Enigma can be created through camera angles such as eye level to illustrate the assault in a more detailed point of view.
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