Religion + Science

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Religion + Science
1 A Doll's House
1.1 Suggestion that Religion is just another patriarchal institution established to make women second class citizens
1.1.1 "Can you neglect your most sacred duties?" (Torvald tries to use religion as a means to control Nora)
1.2 Introduces idea of PERSONAL FAITH - presented as positive concept as it is something she starts to question as she grows emotionally
1.2.1 'I want to find out if what Pastor Hansen said was right - or whether it's right for me.'
2 Hard Times - Dickens
2.1 Criticism of hardline interpretations of Christianity
2.1.1 'the barbarous jangling of bells that was driving the sick and nervous mad.'
2.1.2 'petitioning for acts of parliament that should make these people religious by main force'
2.2 Suggests Capitalism is replacing religion
2.2.1 what you couldn't ... show to be purchasable in the cheapest marketable and salable in the dearest was not, and never should be, world without end, Amen.'
2.3 The CORRECT interpretation of religion demonstrated by the working classes
2.3.1 "It ha' shined into my mind ... till the muddle in my mind have cleared away." (The star that provides guidance for Stephen)
3 Shirley
3.1 Comment on the proper application of religion: 'It is always the frailest, the oldest and the poorest that brave the worst weather, to prove and maintain their constancy to dear old Mother church:this wild and windy morning not one affluent family attended ... all lined and cushioned pews were empty; only on the bare oaken seats sat ranged the grey-haired elders and feeble paupers.'
3.2 Shirley demonstrates the proper application of religion towards her cook: :She wronged me again and again, and again and again I forgave her.Now she loves me and wouldn't defraud me of a pin."
3.3 Shirley expresses the idea of personal faith: "I walk by another creed, light faith and hope than you." Describes herself as "an infidel to your religion; an atheist to your God." Describes Mr Sympson's interpretation of religion as "small meddling" and "petty tyranny."
3.4 Criticism of curates
3.4.1 'The white surplus covers a multitude of sins.'
3.4.2 Malone and Donne criticised for their 'silly narrow jealousies' their 'insolent carriage to the poor' and 'base servility to the rich'
4 The Strange Case of Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde
4.1 Hyde described with animal-like characteristics
4.1.1 'snarled aloud into a savage laugh.'
4.1.2 'ape-like fury' (instinctive human emotion)
4.1.3 'the creature'
4.2 Scientific experimentation illustrated as dangerous - Hyde's actions get gradually worse/Jekyll loses control of transformations
4.3 God's creation isn't perfect - the evil of Hyde accepted as an integral part of Jekyll's character: 'insurgent horror ... lay caged in his flesh'
4.3.1 Jekyll seen to recognise the "thorough and primitive duality of men."
4.4 Hyde associated with the backdoor of the house - linked too his disreputable nature as this door would have been linked with trade with 'body snatchers'

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