Prayer-A Community at War (Ashley)

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Created by ashley_boyce over 5 years ago
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Prayer-A Community at War (Ashley)
1 Objective?
1.1 Do you believe the film was shot objectively? Why or why not?
1.1.1 I believe that the film was shot objectively.


  • School Prayer: A Community at War The film was shot from a multitude of different viewpoints. Politicians and citizens for school prayer were interviewed. Politicians and citizens for school prayer were interviewed. However, the two sides were presented differently. The side for school prayer seemed to rely more on emotional arguments. The side against school prayer seemed to take a more legal approach to their arguments. Each viewpoint got approximately the same amount of air time. Both sides were shown throughout the whole trial process.
2 Parent-Teacher Conference
2.1 You are a teacher, and a parent who believes in school prayer approaches you to schedule a conference where the matter can be discussed. The parent believes that prayer has been taken out of schools, and wants to make an exception for the child. Describe the approach you would take to address the concern with the parent.
2.1.1 Step 1: I would first ask the parent to fully describe the issue that s/he believes the student is having with prayer in schools. Step 2: I would then inform the parent that an individual student could pray in schools, but to host a mass prayer in a public school setting would be unconstitutional.


  • Engel v. Vitale Court Case Ruling Step 3: I would also inform the parent that the above rule is in effect to protect the religious beliefs of ALL students in the school: including their child. I would also reiterate that although mass prayer is not allowed in public schools, the child is free to practice his/her religion as s/he pleases in school as long as it is not disruptive to the class. Step 4: If the parent still has concerns after that, I would direct them to the principle

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