Fostering Innovation and Excellence

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Fostering Innovation and Excellence
1 schools must be CONSTANTLY innovating
1.1 improves and maintains effective learning
1.2 enables local effective strategies to flourish
1.3 provides students/families with higher-quality public education options
1.4 helps students graduate ready for college and career path
2 race to the top
2.1 focus on rigorous college/career-ready standards and high quality assessments
2.2 provide grants to states and school districts
2.2.1 improves schools
2.2.2 provides high quality learning
3 i3: investing in innovation
3.1 provides additional grants to fund the programs that show the strongest evidence of effective school reforms
3.2 secretary also reserves funds for inducement prizes
3.2.1 drives breakthrough inventions or dramatic innovations for educational improvement
3.3 grantees form partnerships with private sector
4 expanding educational options
4.1 magnet schools
4.1.1 increase diversity in schools
4.1.2 expand and improve options for students
4.2 promoting public choice
4.2.1 provides funds to expand high-quality public school educational options for students

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