Roman Crime and Punishment

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Roman Crime and Punishment
1 Crimes
1.1 Rebellion - Queen Boudicca
1.2 Religious crimes - e.g. being a Christian
1.3 Riots at games or chariot races
1.4 Murder/Arson/Violent crime
1.5 Selling underweight bread
1.6 Burglaries and theft (stealing clothes from baths)
2 Law enforcement
2.1 No police force
2.2 Victims collect evidence and take suspect to court
2.3 Provincial governor
2.4 Roman law written down - 12 tablets of Rome
2.5 Right to a fair trial and innocent until proven guilty
3 Punishments
3.1 Flogging, beatings, fines for minor crimes
3.2 Amputation of limbs for major crimes
3.3 Execution for serious crimes
3.4 Crucifixion for rebellion
3.5 Forced to become a gladiator
3.6 Tied in sack with lives snakes and thrown in river for killing father
4 Features of Roman society
4.1 Patriarchal
4.2 Hierarchical
4.3 Inequality
4.4 Centralised

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